A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A simple driving game with random & procedural elements added for decoration and game-play.

Built with Unity & Blender

Naturally there were plenty of features that I didn't take the time to add. Only the bushes are pcg, using a simplified version of Mike Cook's islands automata; the most of my time went into trying to understand Unity 5's Wheel Colliders (new to me) Blender's Bezier/Array tools (also new to me) and finding the right balance in order to make the car actually move (remarkably painful...). Oh, and a Daihatsu is a small, not exactly fancy, toyota-made car. I drive one

Source files available from http://glenaskey.com/procjam2015/Source/

Install instructions

Hoverhatsu is available for Windows and Mac only.

To launch the game unzip the files and launch the "Procjam_Hoverhatsu" application.



Accelerate: W / UP Arrow

Turn Left: A / LEFT Arrow

Turn Right: D / RIGHT Arrow

Brake: S / SPACE / DOWN Arrow

Menu: ESC


Procjam_Hoverhatsu Windows.zip 10 MB
Procjam_Hoverhatsu Mac.zip 11 MB


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Let's Play? Let's Play! Touchy controls, but fun little toy

Cool little game! I included it in my ProcJam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/afEMYQpjWBU